Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Acoustic Jam starting on Monday

The Tin Star Saloon will be starting a new *Acoustic* jam beginning this coming Monday, 1-5-2009. It will be hosted by Mike Montiel, and the jam will start at 8:00pm. This is in addition to the regular Wednesday jam hosted by Ben Lucero.

Check out some of Mike's music from his Lucky 13 album at

Happy New Year!


Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve Canyon Road Luminaria Walk

A group of musician friends of mine have a tradition of playing at the Canyon Road Christmas Eve Luminaria tour, a popular Santa Fe Christmas tradition. We walk from bonfire to bonfire, where we stop and play a few Christmas carols.

This year, we had a chance encounter with a familiar-looking person leading a group of singers in front of the Acequia Madre Elementary school. As we were leaving someone asked me, "Did you know who that was?"


"James Taylor!"

I don't know: what do you think?


Thursday, December 18, 2008

More Music from Last Night

We had more good music last night than I could stuff into one post. Here's one more nice, nasty blues number from Maura Dhu, Wes Studi, Ray Dera, Craig Small, Mike Chavez, Freddie Lopez, Ben Lucero, and yours truly.

But wait! There's More! Here's a bit of good old fashioned rock and roll that came out at some point during the evening.

More, as deemed appropriate.

For the rest of last night's Tin Star jam, please see the previous post.


Wednesday's 12-17 Tin Star Jam

Dan brought me a Christmas present last night:
Thanks, Dan! I'll hang it up high where the cats can't get at it.

Click any picture to enlarge, click the play button to listen to a music link.

It's nice to see many of the regulars again who show up on Wednesday.

It was a good jam night. We had singers

We had singer songwriters

We had Craig's cool metal guitar

And, we had some special guests: Wes and Maura Studi.

That, of course, is Ray Dera sitting with Wes and Maura. Ray is our gracious host every Wednesday for the Tin Star jam. And for the two or three of you who don't know, Wes and Maura are among Santa Fe's better-known residents. Those interested can check out Wes' filmography at .

More importantly, though, is that they know how to have fun playing music at the Tin Star! Check out Maura and Wes leading us off on a special Tin Star rendition of Chain of Fools. And here's Wes leading on Lodi.

Thanks, everybody for making it another fun jam evening. The next Tin Star jam won't be until January 7th, 2009.

Until then, here a few more pics from last night:

It was a good first year at the Tin Star, Ben. See you in 2009.


Wednesday's 12-17 Tin Star Jam

The post for last night's jam will be up later today.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tonight's Tin Star Jam

I hope there aren't any hills like this one between you and the Tin Star.

See you there tonight!

Also: there will be no jam for the next 2 weeks because of Christmas & New Years Eves. So, if you wanna git yer jam on, tonight's it till January 7th!!!


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wednesday's 12-10-2008 Tin Star Jam

Happy Holidays from the Tin Star Saloon!

Click any picture to enlarge, click the play button to listen to a music link.

And just like that, Ben kicked off the December 10 Tin Star Jam.

How better to start of the Jam than with Case Tanner and one of his playing partners. Here's Heather and a bit of, what? Retro grundge? Fun, however you want to label it.

Who says drummers can't be cool?

We had an unusually rich batch of, how shall we put this ... interesting locals show up last night.

After about an hour, a version of Down By The River seemed to just coalesce out of the flotsam of musicians drifting in out out. It had kind of a dreamy feel to it. No, I don't mean nightmare. The other kind of dreamy. A bit rough around the edges, perhaps, but kind of nice anyhow.

Lovely ladies. We've come to expect, no; anticipate them showing up for the Wednesday jams.

You know, there is so much material from any given Wednesday jam that I have trouble deciding what to put up on the blog, versus what to leave on the cutting room floor.

I already hear you, Ray, thinking "Leave *all* of it on the cutting room floor!"

Can't do that. There's lot of good stuff that comes out of a jam. You'll see. Some day.

Just joking. For example, this guy did lots of good stuff last night: Ric Lloyd. Ric always does lots of good stuff. Thanks for joining us last night!

As always, thanks to everybody who showed up last night! As usual, no animals were hurt during the filming of this production.

See you next time.


Wednesday's 12-10-2008 Tin Star Jam

The post for last night's jam will be up later today.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Angela Bivins at the Tin Star Last Night

Last night Angela Bivins played at the Tin Star. Angela is a singer-songwriter; her style is indie-jazz.

Click any picture to enlarge, click the play button to listen to a music link.

Case Tanner was on upright bass,

and Britt Alexander was on drums.

As Angela led off on one of her original numbers I suddenly felt the Christmas spirit begin to grow.

For a moment I found myself wishing I were an elf. But then Britt kicked off on a nice drum solo, and it brought me back to the moment.

Case, in the meanwhile, never even noticed Santa's little helpers.

I enjoyed listening to you, Angela. See you next time.


Sunday, December 7, 2008

Last Night's Rue Barbs

My flight from Monterrey was delayed yesterday, so I got home too late to drop in on the Rue Barbs playing at the Tin Star. Too bad -- they are a hoot! Here's a picture taken earlier this summer one Sunday afternoon at the Mine Shaft Tavern in Madrid. Randy on mandolin, Lynn on washtub bass, and Jim Almand.

Check them out doing Chocolate Jesus that afternoon (they let me sit in on this -- one of my favorite Tom Waits songs). Here's Jim doing I'm On Fire that same afternoon.


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Music Schedule


Here's who is playing at the Tin Star over the next couple of weeks:

Wed. Dec. 3rd TIN STAR JAM with Ben Lucero 9pm No Cover
Thurs. Dec. 4th FUNDAMENTALS PARTY with DJ Che~ 9pm $3 Cover
Fri. Dec. 5th THE MEMPHIS P-TAILS (Blues Rock) 9:30pm $5 Cover
Sat. Dec. 6th THE RUE BARBS (Americana Roots) 9pm $5 Cover

Tues. Dec. 9th An Evening wirth ANGELA BIVINS (Melodic Vocals with Indie Jazz) 9pm $3 Cover
Wed. Dec. 10th TIN STAR JAM with Ben Lucero 9pm No Cover
Thurs. Dec. 11th FUNDAMENTALS PARTY with DJ Che~ 9pm $3 Cover
Fri. Dec. 12th SOULMAN SAM with SOUL CITY (Soul/Blues) 9:30pm $5 Cover
Sat. Dec. 13th RHYTHM & 53rd (Rock/Funk/Blues) 9pm $5 Cover

Wed. Dec. 17th TIN STAR JAM with Ben Lucero 9pm No Cover
Thurs. Dec. 18th FUNDAMENTALS PARTY with DJ Che~ 9pm $3 Cover
Fri. Dec. 19th THE JAKES (Classic Rock) 9:30pm $5 Cover
Sat. Dec 20th THE HOODOOS (Rock da Blues) 9pm $5 Cover

Wed. Dec. 24th CLOSED
Thurs. Dec.25th CLOSED
Fri. Dec. 26th VANILLA POP (80's Glam meets Vegas Lounge) 9pm $5 Cover
Sat. Dec. 27th STERLING O'NEILL BAND (Funk Rock Dance Party) 9pm $5 Cover

Monday, December 1, 2008

Tin Star Jam this Wednesday


Don't forget to come out to the Tin Star for Ben Lucero's jam this Wednesday.

I'll be out of town, so there will be no blog post about the jam this week.


Saturday, November 29, 2008

New jam post

Ok, finally... Last Wednesday's Tin Star jam post. But first, a few words of wisdom:

An organist playing in York
Had a prick that could hold a small fork,

And between obbligatos
He'd munch at tomatoes,
To keep up his strength while at work.

Love is blind but desire doesn't give a good goddam.
-- James Thurber

quickie, n.: A moment's piece.

The young Georgia miss came to the hospital for a checkup.
"Have you been X-rayed?" asked the doctor.

"Nope," she said, "but ah've been ultraviolated."

Q: Why do mice have such small balls?
A: Very few of them know how to dance!

A society without religion is like a crazed psychopath without a loaded .45

So, having set the stage, last Wednesday's jam was preceded by a Turkey Trot. Of which the Tin Star was stop number four out of seven. The rules of a turkey trot seem to require that a group of people run from bar to bar, drinking a beer immediately upon arrival. The winner gets a turkey. Many of the losers get to throw up somewhere en route.

Click any picture to enlarge, click the play button to listen to a music link.

So, instead of the usual barrage of pictures, just a few choice ones.

Case finally realizes that he totally, uncontrollably idolizes saxophonists and all that they stand for:

The next day as I was looking at the pictures, I realized that when I lend my camera out to female assistant photographers, they take pictures of all their favorite bits. (Note to self: find some way to encourage this behavior.)

Several motley crews come and go each Wednesday evening:

A couple of friends from Albuquerque. You sounded good, Bob. Hey, Viv: you're on the World Wide Web!

Nice hair! And, well... Nice hair.

Star quality:

And finally, a bit of music from last Wednesday.

Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving, see you at the next Tin Star Jam.


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Wednesday's 11-26 Tin Star Jam

I will be a couple of days late on getting this post up, so in the mean time, let's just say it was one of those jams were the ladies were chasing the men around, and pulling down the guys' skirts.

You heard me.

It was, however, a very friendly crowd.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pre-Turkey Day Jam

Did somebody say "Turkey?"

Come on out tonight for the Tin Star jam!