Saturday, November 29, 2008

New jam post

Ok, finally... Last Wednesday's Tin Star jam post. But first, a few words of wisdom:

An organist playing in York
Had a prick that could hold a small fork,

And between obbligatos
He'd munch at tomatoes,
To keep up his strength while at work.

Love is blind but desire doesn't give a good goddam.
-- James Thurber

quickie, n.: A moment's piece.

The young Georgia miss came to the hospital for a checkup.
"Have you been X-rayed?" asked the doctor.

"Nope," she said, "but ah've been ultraviolated."

Q: Why do mice have such small balls?
A: Very few of them know how to dance!

A society without religion is like a crazed psychopath without a loaded .45

So, having set the stage, last Wednesday's jam was preceded by a Turkey Trot. Of which the Tin Star was stop number four out of seven. The rules of a turkey trot seem to require that a group of people run from bar to bar, drinking a beer immediately upon arrival. The winner gets a turkey. Many of the losers get to throw up somewhere en route.

Click any picture to enlarge, click the play button to listen to a music link.

So, instead of the usual barrage of pictures, just a few choice ones.

Case finally realizes that he totally, uncontrollably idolizes saxophonists and all that they stand for:

The next day as I was looking at the pictures, I realized that when I lend my camera out to female assistant photographers, they take pictures of all their favorite bits. (Note to self: find some way to encourage this behavior.)

Several motley crews come and go each Wednesday evening:

A couple of friends from Albuquerque. You sounded good, Bob. Hey, Viv: you're on the World Wide Web!

Nice hair! And, well... Nice hair.

Star quality:

And finally, a bit of music from last Wednesday.

Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving, see you at the next Tin Star Jam.


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  1. Where are the rest of the photos from this night? I was looking for one with my dad and my sister, i thought i'd be able to find them here...Please help! Thanks!