Monday, April 21, 2008

Friday, April 18, 2008

Nora McMahon at the Tin Star, Thursday, 4-17

A colorful crowd had collected at the Tin Star last night by the time the band had finished setting up.

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Nora invited me to sit in with them for a few numbers. We did one of my favorites of hers, Postcard.

Case and me sharing a musical moment during another favorite, an old Peggy Lee song named Fever.

Thanks for letting me join you again, guys!

Nora and Case will be at the Second Street Brewery this Saturday evening, 5:30 - 8:00, come on out!


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wednesday's 4-16 Tin Star Jam

I had to chase one of our peacocks off the back of my truck before I could drive down to Santa Fe for the jam. He thought the latillas were just for him to perch on.

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Then, once I got to the Tin Star I found two of our musicians engaged in a friendly discussion about some silly thing.

Carla explained to them that they needed to behave, or they'd be moved to the end of the Jam list.

They agreed.

Dr. Phil showed up.

Jim had something to say, but we couldn't understand him with his hands in front of his face like that.

This young gentleman was in town from Hawaii. He and his friends did a couple of numbers.

Then, Ben launched into a fun little rap/jazz piece.
Take a listen.

Ray joined in on his green Telecaster.

Joe on conga.

A Tom Selleck look-alike from Las Vegas dropped in, and decided he liked the Tin Star.

Anybody who enjoys our music is welcome back any time.

Until next time,


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wednesday's 4-9 Tin Star Jam

It turned into a white-knuckle experience last night, driving down to the Tin Star from Nambe. From about 10 miles north of Santa Fe until I reached town it was white-out conditions. Even when traffic slowed down to 20 MPH you could only see about 20 feet ahead. There was so much snow coming down that I could not see either side of the road. The other drivers and I just slowly snaked down the middle of 285 for about 30 minutes until it cleared as we dropped down into Santa Fe.

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Early on in the evening, we eased into a kind of hypno-funk-jazz sort of a thing.

Take a listen.

I like playing with Freddie and his "mouth Wurlitzer". Freddie and his band, The Santa Fakers will be at Willie's Blues Club on Saturday, May 3. Come on out.

A bit later Yolanda got up to do a number.

A guest star dropped by for a while, but didn't stay to play.

Ray stopped by the table to tell us how glad he was to see us...

Local songwriter Tony C'de Baca dropped in and did a few tunes. Check out this one.

Tony is playing at the El Paseo tonight.

Ben was able to put the jam on auto pilot for a bit around midnight when one more singer showed up late wanting to do a couple of numbers.

Gordy sang a few, and with that, another Jam was concluded.



Monday, April 7, 2008

Yesterday's Dr. John Party

Randy Heddon and Santa Fe's newest band, Fat Tuesday, had one hell of a first gig yesterday afternoon at the Tin Star! The place was packed at 4:30 when we got there. One of the folks standing next to me said, "I'm not used to hearing this kind of music while it's still light out. "

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Take a listen.

Lots of people, lots of dancing. Check it out.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Dr. John party at the Tin Star today!

Dr. John concert pre-party at the Tin Star Saloon today, April 6th, at 4pm with no cover charge. With Dr. John concert ticket giveaways, as well as a live KBAC radio broadcast from the bar. Also, the party will feature the debut of Santa Fe's newest "New Orleans Style Party & Dance Band" FAT TUESDAY.

Friday, April 4, 2008


Naiz played last night at the Tin Star. I had never heard him before, so I showed up a bit early to introduce myself while he was setting up. As I always do, I asked if he'd mind if I recorded his music and made some of it available here on the blog.

He did some great stuff, some of which you will have a chance to listen to by clicking on the links below.

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I saw a couple of familiar faces sitting around the bar as the rest of the band arrived.

Murali Levine.

Case Tanner.

Johnnie Benoit.

As I said, I had never heard Naiz before. He reminds me a bit of both John Prine, and John Fogerty. Check out this number.

These guys spent a lot of time out on the dance floor.

He started to cook. Take a listen.

By this time we had plenty of entertainment out on the dance floor as well.

Later in the second set Naiz invited me up for a few numbers -- I wasn't going to turn down to opportunity to get up on stage with such a great group of musicians. Here's one of the numbers -- something in the key of G.

I want to point out that after I sat back down, the Tin Star stage was again occupied by some of Santa Fe's premier musicians. If you have not yet heard these guys, you have deprived yourself of a fine music experience.

Thanks, Naiz!