Friday, April 4, 2008


Naiz played last night at the Tin Star. I had never heard him before, so I showed up a bit early to introduce myself while he was setting up. As I always do, I asked if he'd mind if I recorded his music and made some of it available here on the blog.

He did some great stuff, some of which you will have a chance to listen to by clicking on the links below.

Click any picture to enlarge, click on any link for the music.

I saw a couple of familiar faces sitting around the bar as the rest of the band arrived.

Murali Levine.

Case Tanner.

Johnnie Benoit.

As I said, I had never heard Naiz before. He reminds me a bit of both John Prine, and John Fogerty. Check out this number.

These guys spent a lot of time out on the dance floor.

He started to cook. Take a listen.

By this time we had plenty of entertainment out on the dance floor as well.

Later in the second set Naiz invited me up for a few numbers -- I wasn't going to turn down to opportunity to get up on stage with such a great group of musicians. Here's one of the numbers -- something in the key of G.

I want to point out that after I sat back down, the Tin Star stage was again occupied by some of Santa Fe's premier musicians. If you have not yet heard these guys, you have deprived yourself of a fine music experience.

Thanks, Naiz!


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  1. Is Johnnie B. Naiz's regular drummer? He doesn't look too good.