Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wednesday's 4-9 Tin Star Jam

It turned into a white-knuckle experience last night, driving down to the Tin Star from Nambe. From about 10 miles north of Santa Fe until I reached town it was white-out conditions. Even when traffic slowed down to 20 MPH you could only see about 20 feet ahead. There was so much snow coming down that I could not see either side of the road. The other drivers and I just slowly snaked down the middle of 285 for about 30 minutes until it cleared as we dropped down into Santa Fe.

Click any picture to enlarge, click on any link for the music.

Early on in the evening, we eased into a kind of hypno-funk-jazz sort of a thing.

Take a listen.

I like playing with Freddie and his "mouth Wurlitzer". Freddie and his band, The Santa Fakers will be at Willie's Blues Club on Saturday, May 3. Come on out.

A bit later Yolanda got up to do a number.

A guest star dropped by for a while, but didn't stay to play.

Ray stopped by the table to tell us how glad he was to see us...

Local songwriter Tony C'de Baca dropped in and did a few tunes. Check out this one.

Tony is playing at the El Paseo tonight.

Ben was able to put the jam on auto pilot for a bit around midnight when one more singer showed up late wanting to do a couple of numbers.

Gordy sang a few, and with that, another Jam was concluded.



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