Monday, August 24, 2009

Harp A Thon

A note from Hike Handler, aka Harmonica Mike:

You may have heard the Harmonica Mike, that's me, got his harp case taken from his car last week. Over 15 harps plus a cool chromatic are gone. Please join me and the Rattlerz for a fun fundraiser to help restore my harmonica health. At today's prices, we're talking $500 to $700 in new hardware. (Thanks to the Candyman for the nice discounts). So come out and thanks in advance for all the good wishes and for helping me get back on my harmonica feet.

Here's the details:

Event: HARP-A-THON fundraiser to replace Michael Handler's stolen harmonicas
Where and When: The Tin Star Saloon, 411 W Water St, Monday Aug 24, 7 to 11 (or longer)
Featuring: host band, the Rattlerz, plus special guests throughout the evening....I'm sure there will be a jam or two along the way! (This is the Rattlerz first appearance at the Tin Star!)

Cover charge: $2 to $20, sliding scale.... plus a tip jar or two...hey, the band's gotta eat too....
This is be like the old rent party,and thanks in advance for helping me pay the "rent" on some new harps...... know you what they say, a harp player without a harp is like a.....hey, what DO they say??? Come up to the mic during the gig with a good ending to this phrase and I'll buy yo a drink. (limit to two good ones...I save my $$ for, you know....)

No RSVP needed, but tell your friends do show up!!!

LOOK FOR A STORY ABOUT THIS IN THE SF NEW MEXICAN SOMETIME THIS WEEK!, with audio from the band and me on their web site.....

Harmonica Michael Handler

PS> For those who want to give a couple of bucks but can't make the event, you can contribute to my PayPal account by using my e mail...thanks

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tin Star Indian Market Events

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Last Wednesday's Jam

More progressive jazz than blues last Wednesday, kind of nice for a change. But first, we started off with this young lady singer-songwriter, which kind of set the tone for the evening. Check this number out.

We continued to chill as the evening went on.

There was much more; come check us out next Wednesday.


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Last Wednesday's Jam

It's been a while, welcome back to the Wednesday

jam post. A place where friends

get together to play some music, or perhaps just to listen.

Here's a bit of last Wednesday's music. Ray. Craig. Johnny.

And here are some of the folks who dropped by.

Outside it was raining.

Inside it was rocking.

See you next Wednesday.


The George Honea Memorial Blues Jam - Tue., Aug 4th, at El Farol

Tone Forrest just sent this out.

Friends: Another tragedy has befallen the Santa Fe musicians the last few years, we have lost Lannis Loyd, Rick Loyd, Regan Wright, Ruben Romero...all to tragic circumstances and all before their is with great sadness that we note the passing of yet another great musician lost to tragic circumstances and before his time...George Honea, an amazing drummer recently transplanted from Nashville to Santa Fe, came here with a long list of professional credits (The Judds, etc.) and his talents were immediately evident and appreciated by all the musicians he touched bases with...I had the personal privilege of playing with him as my #1 drummer at Tone and Company Sundays at Evangelo' addition his enormous proficiency on the drums, he was just a lovely guy...on Thursday, July 23rd, George Honea succumbed to a condition of extreme depression and took his own has become a sad but glad tradition at the Canyon Road Blues Jam to commemorate the passing of a fellow musician like George with a blues jam blowout, second-line style...we all share a life in music here and many of us had the pleasure of sharing it with George...let's play him on out in style!...come on down to El Farol this Tuesday, August 4th, for the George Honea Memorial Blues Jam...we'll use proceeds from the tip jar to send our respects to his family in Texas...Stewart and Linda Goswick, his best friends in Santa Fe, will be there to represent the family...please, let's give George a good farewell.