Thursday, February 21, 2008

Wednesday, 2-20 Jam

We had a good turn out at last night's jam. Lots of musicians, and lots of people who showed up to listen.

Ben opened the jam with Ray on the right, our friend Mike Montiel next to him, Jim in the back on drums, Ben on bass, Frank on trumpet, and me with the silver tenor. Click on any picture to enlarge.

Frank grabbed a nice solo right away. Click for a sound bite.

Ray got a piece of the action too. Click for Ray's solo.

Linda came up and did a few numbers.

Laura took good care of us all evening.

Later on, Tom Kendrot did one of his originals with the group. Take a listen.

It turned out to be a nice piece of music; here's another bit.

Mike and Ben. It was good having Mike come out and join us for a while.

At some point in the evening Ben led us off on a nice little blues jam.

Until next time,



  1. Great job on the blog, wish I could have been there. When will the Tin Star Management install web cams & mikes so we can watch more? Maybe catch a whole song!

  2. Catching a whole song that was worth recording at a jam is kind of a rare thing, even when you have good players. Frequently it is the first time many of them will have played together, so the bridges, timing, etc. are often a little rough.

    Even so, jams are an excellent way for the musicians to hone their playing skills, while still having a good time.