Thursday, March 12, 2009

Last Night's Tin Star Jam

We had a treat at the opening of the jam last night. Mark Clark of the College of Santa Fe brought The R&B Funk Ensemble, a group of his music students, to the Tin Star for a little performance.

Click a picture to enlarge. Click a music link to play.

Here's what they sounded like. Good job, guys!

After the performance by R&B Funk Ensemble, Mark sat in with some of us for a few numbers, which was another treat. I didn't mention that Mark had just finished up a project recording a new album with Cat Stevens. He's on four of the tracks. Mark called the new album a kind of remake of Tea for the Tillerman, originally released in 1970. I'll be sure to buy the new one when it comes out.

Anyhow here's a recording in which you can hear Mark carrying us along with his strong drumming style on a kind of hypno piece. Our own Ray Dera goes a little crazy about half way through the number -- take a listen. It was a pleasure having you play with us, Mark!

As for the rest of the evening, let's just say that there was lots more fun music, dancing, and general good times. I'll throw up a few pictures that sort of capture the flavor.

Until next time,



  1. Hey..what was that fiddle player's name? Or, were you too busy chasing your next nipple shot to enquire?

  2. Doug thanks for the time travel,mc.