Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The "We're Not Prejudiced Against Acoustic" Monday Jam

Ok, it's not really acoustic anymore. Well, sometimes it is, when acoustic players show up. But not last night.

It was maybe the best Monday jam we've had though. Let's start off country, then ease in into some blues, and finish up with a little fun. Here we go.

Mike Montiel, leading us through some Swinging Doors, after a few false starts, with Dudly adding a couple of nicely timed dog solos.

Click on a picture to enlarge, click a music link to listen.

Heather Tanner was apparently dealing with a cheating heart last evening.

A good collection of musicians showed to have some fun: Alan Deuter, Rudy Smedley, Britt Alexander, Case Tanner, Heather Tanner, Frank, Rodg, Ray Dera, and Jimmy Russell. Here are a few mug shots.

Frank's trumpet has a few miles on it.

Jimmy Russell came visiting and took us on this smooth blues cruise.

Last number -- Mike was having a little fun with us.

There was lots more good stuff last night, but that's all I have time to pull out of the recording.

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