Thursday, May 29, 2008

Wednesday's 5-28 Tin Star Jam

We got off to a quiet, funk-jazzy start last night. Here's our opening number.

Click any picture to enlarge, click the play button to listen to the music.

Ben was enjoying his responsibilities as jam-master.

The two trumpet players definitely had a touch of the devil about them. Check out Frank's one red glowing eye & Russell's two by clicking on the pictures to enlarge.

Here's Linda getting ready to sing Stormy Monday.

It was busy last night. Lots of people showed up to listen.

And to dance.

And drink.

And play music. Tony Buford, leader of the band Steppen' Out joined us and led a few numbers. Here's one of them.

Flash, front man for The Swank, another local band, showed up to play. That's Flash on the right talking to Pete, of Controlled Burn, yet another local band.

All of a sudden, out of nowhere, a couple of singers were in front of the mike leading us off on this number.

Johnny West arrived a bit later in the evening and did a few.

Prakash was wailing on harmonica.

Last, but not least: something happened that I've never seen before, and didn't think was possible: bar co-owner Tony got caught smiling while having his photograph taken.

Thanks to all the musicians who showed up to play at Ben Lucero's Master Jam, and to all the people who came to listen.


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