Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wednesday's 7-23 Tin Star Jam

Ben's Tin Star jam just gets bigger and better each week. It was nearly standing-room only for much of the evening. A bunch of musicians and a bunch of dancers showed up last night. I'll try and pass on the flavor of the evening.

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Local musician George Adelo dropped by early on to check out the jam.

We didn't waste any time kicking off the evening's music. Our friend Juan Ortega led us right off on this happy number.

Then we had a nice quiet number, led by "dban", whose voice reminds me of a young Dylan. Prakash on the mouth harp, Ben Bower on Drums, Pete on guitar. I didn't catch the bass player's name.

And then, Brad took out the brand new guitar he had just finished making earlier this week. It had not been played yet. Check out this smokin' blues number with Brad, Ray, and Ben on guitar, Brit on drums, Phil Montoya on percussion, and Elijah on conga and vocals . Elijah came all the way up from Silver City to play last night.

Of course, there were a bunch of other musicians who played last night.

Also featured, naturally, is our number one server: Laura. What do you suppose she just did to Ben here? Something unexpected, it would appear.

Here she is striking a model's pose.

Also present were plenty of people who had come out to have a beverage, listen and dance to the music.

Sometimes all three at once.

The dance floor was packed from about 11:00pm on.

As you can see, the Tin Star Wednesday jam is a fun place to be. Hope you can make it there next week.


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