Sunday, July 20, 2008

Weekend Music

Sincere apologies to Ben Lucero and Y.Que -- I had planned on going to their Friday night gig at the Tin Star, but due to circumstances beyond my control (i.e. my ass was positively dragging from staying up late Wednesday and Thursday) I went to beddie-bye instead, at about the time they were probably starting.

Click any picture to enlarge, click the play button to listen to the music.

So, on to Saturday night. Nora McMahon and Case Tanner had a gig at Backroad Pizza,

and here's what they opened with.

Nora's trio was actually a quatro last night: Russell joined the band on trumpet.

Later, a number with all of us joining in. Then, at the end of the gig we found ourselves taking a ride on the Case Train.

It was still early, so we wandered across the street to Second Street where The Swank was playing.

There must be some reason why Swank's front man is called Flash, but I can't quite put my finger on what it might be.

Seriously, we tried everything to take the red-eye out, but even the red-eye reduction software left Flash looking like he had a pair of green glass marbles instead of eyes, so we decided to leave the red in. It's actually kind of impressive, and this way his eyes go pretty will with the guitar strap, don't you think? Click on one of the pictures above for the full effect.

My friend Bobby Mogill was invited to sit in with them. Bobby always sounds great.

Flash and the rest of the Swank were kind enough not to toss me out of the bar when I got up to join them. Here's a nice blues piece we did together.

Thanks for letting me sit in, guys!


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