Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lion 5 Takes Latin Music to an Alt-Rock Realm...

Ok, as the slightly cranky commenter of March 27 noted, this is not exactly a Tin Star Music event. Although, Lion 5 has played at the Tin Star. And I've played at the Tin Star. So let's think of this as a virtual Tin Star event that just happened to occur at the Cowgirl Hall of Fame.

The place was hopping when Oscar and Victor invited me up to join them for a couple of numbers. Here's Te Deseo, followed by a Blues piece in A. As usual, Craig Small was ripping it up on guitar. Thanks, guys -- it was fun sitting in.


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  1. Hey we like our friends in Lion5 too, but last time we checked this was the Tin Star Music Blog. Who put you in charge? You're dumber than a bag a hammers. Lay off those Manhattans will ya!