Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tuesday Blue Bayou Jam

I just happened to be in Hillsborough, North Carolina this week, so here's a post about the Blue Bayou's Tuesday night Blues Jam.

The Blue Bayou bar is in quiet, picturesque, rural Hillsborough, North Carolina.

Click any picture to enlarge; click the links for sound bites.

The Blue Bayou conveniently shares a parking lot with the police department.

However, it is definitely a cool bar.

Some of my friends kicked off a number, led by Mike.

They have a set of serious speakers at the Blue Bayou. That's Justin behind the speaker.

Will McFarland, one of Bonnie Raitt's guitar players, lives in the area and usually shows up for the Tuesday jam.

Here he is with a few of his friends doing a little blues tune.

I got a number or two in also.

It's not the Tin Star Saloon, but is is a nice musical home away from home. The folks are friendly and the music is fun -- I wish we could get our Tin Star jammers together with the crew from the Blue Bayou.

Many thanks to Butch for running such a nice jam.



  1. doug great to see you last night your playing was great see ya Butch

  2. Hey Doug, thanks for sharing the pics

  3. Hi Doug,
    Although we didn't meet, just wanted to share the following:

    Ben introduced me to this blog when I was in Santa Fe last week...great blog, by the way - helps the memories of my trip stay fresh!

    The world truly is a small place...It just so happens that I live near Hillsborough, NC and visit the Blue Bayou on occasion.

    In my short visit to Santa Fe I found that the music scene there is as vibrant as that in the Triangle (North Carolina).

    Music truly is the universal language! Thanks for letting me share.