Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wednesday Tin Star Jam, March 19

I feel like a philanderer, making blog posts here from such exotic locations as the Blue Bayou Club in Hillsborough, North Carolina, and Joe Montoya's annual Saint Patrick's Day party in Espanola, New Mexico. So, to make up for it, this will be a bit of a mega-post from last night's mega-jam.

Click any picture to enlarge, click on the links to hear the music.

If a person were to casually walk by the Tin Star Saloon on any given Wednesday night, one peek in the window would make it clear that there was a lot going on inside.

Did I say fun?

One of my favorite musicians showed up and completely changed up the pace with a couple of beautiful waltz numbers.

A bit later, Ray had an especially fine solo during one of Linda's songs. Here it is, with a short lead-in by me.

I was sitting with a couple of friends who were visiting from DC, peacefully enjoying the music and the beer.

I was just minding my own business, when fellow sax player Estephan grabbed me and threw me into the middle of a blues tune being led by Pete White of the Santa Fe band Controlled Burn.

Afterwards, Ben (drummer for Controlled Burn) and I considered the merits of only playing for half of a number.

Finally, Ben and Linda took time off from whatever they were doing and Linda led a Janis tune with everybody joining in.

Check out Estephan wailing on my '44 Conn tenor. Estephan was one of the original members of Santa Fe's famous Soul Deacons band. I told him that next time he was to bring his own horn.

We were happy to have Ramon show up to join us again last night. Ramon plays with Santa Fe band Samba Fe.

A special thanks goes out to the two ladies sitting at the corner table who professed themselves to be huge fans of the saxophone. These two visitors from Michigan clearly are possessed of discriminating taste in music, and obviously know which Santa Fe bar is the place to go on a Wednesday night to listen to music.

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  1. Hi it's Yolanda. Just want to thank everyone at the Tin Star. Every time I go I have a great time.See you all soon at the Tin Star stay safe. God Bless....