Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Saint Patrick's Day Party (Not at the Tin Star...)

Every year for the past 16 our friends Joe and Maxine Montoya have had an evening St. Pat's party. Music, Irish whiskey, good beer and wine, not to mention corned beef, cabbage, and local favorites like menudo and posole galore.

This year was no exception. A few of us showed up early to play some music on the porch as the sun went down.

Click any picture to enlarge; click on the links for sound bites.

I've known Chuck for years.

Art said that every time the wind blew his guitar went out of tune. It was cold.

Then the real band showed up. This was no garage band: Final Verdict is comprised of five brothers from Santa Clara Pueblo. You can catch them almost any week at one of the local casinos.

Check them out here (click).

It made Joe want to boogie.

A couple of the regulars were there again this year.

Joe built the enclosed area just for his annual St. Pat party. There were propane space heaters and an old wood burning cook stove keeping us warm as we ate and listened to Final Verdict.

Sherpa assured me that she liked corned beef too.

I sat in during Brown Eyed Girl and Sultans of Swing while Joe boogied some more.

Thanks to Chris Baca and Final Verdict for letting me play with them. You guys should come on down to the Tin Star some Wednesday evening to play with is there.

As always, it was a great St. Pat's party. Thanks, Joe, Maxine, and the extended Montoya family!


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  1. Hey, Chris!

    I really enjoyed playing with you -- you & your brothers have a great sound. It's always nice playing with the local talent!