Thursday, March 27, 2008

Wednesday's 3-27 Tin Star Jam

Yesterday's Tin Star Jam started a bit early across town at the Second Street Brewery, where we had stopped off for dinner. Our friends Nora McMahon and Case Tanner were there playing for the dinner crowd.

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Later, back at the Tin Star, a group of us regulars rediscovered one of the basic Principles of the Jam. We weren't sure after the first number that we had in fact reestablished this principle, so we did another number just to verify. Our third number provided proof positive of one of the fundamental truths about jamming: sometimes your jam really, really, really, really stinks.

We were a slow train wreck. People ran screaming from the bar, hands clasped tightly over their ears. All but this guy -- he seemed relatively unfazed by the noise pollution.

So, we took a break, threw the doors of the Tin Star open to give the stench a chance to clear, and gathered outside to compare notes on what had gone wrong.

"We sucked!"


"That was awful!"

"I'm going home."

"I want my mommy."

Fortunately, we were saved by the arrival of some real musicians who had just finished their gig up at El Farol. With newly rediscovered humility we all got back on stage and let them lead us on this rhythm piece.

A bit later our friend Mike Handler showed up (the smell had pretty much cleared out by then) and led us on a few numbers. Here he is on harp and vocals doing Hoochie Koochie Man.

The crowd loosened up a bit, apparently having forgiven us for that which we will not speak of from earlier in the evening.

One of The Tin Star's friendly bar people.

Finally, a big Happy Birthday wish for Ben Lucero, leader of the Tin Star Master Jam!



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